About Soltec Electronics

In today’s market, OEM & EMS companies can not afford to rely solely on traditional Franchised Distributor relationships to keep their production line running.  At the rate that technology changes, electronic parts in the supply chain are constantly becoming obsolete and super-ceded by new technology.  In addtion, many component manufacturers have a tough time keeping up with demand, so long lead-times are prevelant.  To remain competitive, waiting long lead-times & redesigning out obsolete components are not valid options for our clients … time is money! It’s important to have strategic relationships with independent distributors in order to fill in those gaps in your supply chain & keep your production line up & running. SolTec Electronics is the Independent Distributor that you can turn to for all of your problem parts.

At SolTec Electronics, we offer strategic procurement solutions for your supply chain. With our global network of suppliers and many years of industry experience, we will get the job done right the first time. If your electronic component parts are out there, we will find them! And, if they are not available, we will consult with you on possible alternative solutions. We work with the best suppliers in the business with access to OEM excess inventory, government surplus, and allocated Franchised inventory. Our knowledgeable staff will also research cross-references & possible up-screens. All parts are brought in-house for inspection and must pass our high Quality Control standards prior to shipping.

At SolTec Electronics, our main objective is to build long-term business relationships with our clients. We make proper communication & customer satisfaction our top priority. Have you ever worked with another broker that just seemed to want to take your Purchase Order with little regard to actually shipping quality parts to you, let alone on time? Have you ever had your dock date come & go with no parts delivered & no communication from your vendor? Did the price go up at the last minute? Sounding familiar? At SolTec, there will be no surprises & no excuses. We want to work with you for the years to come, so your satisfaction is our business! Communication is key to us from taking the time to really understand your company’s requirements, to finding the quality parts you need, to delivering them on time. And, if any obstacles should come up along the way, we will let you know immediately. We don’t like surprises or excuses either!

SolTec Electronics is a WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business) located on the Space Coast of Florida.  Dawn Gluskin, the founder and CEO has spent over a decade in the semiconductor sector and is considered an expert in the distribution field.  SolTec Electronics has received many accolades and awards for explosive and rapid business growth.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!