How to Quickly Change the Plates on Adjustable Dumbbells

How to Quickly Change the Plates on Adjustable Dumbbells

The gym is a special place for the sake of your overall health and fitness as well as abiding to do something needful that just sitting until death swipes you away. It is essential sometimes to visit the gym and try out some exercise for the sake of well being. If you are short of time may be held up by laundry and wearing gym clothes is not your thing, then adjustable dumbbells in all you need to invest in.

Buying free weights is not an easy task since they tend to be expensive and proportionate to cumbersome chunks fitted with handles. Weights take up a large space area. Therefore due to these case adjustable dumbbells plates help in mitigating the problem.

Use small plates that give a chance to adjust the amount of work involved during the lifting process than having affixed weight on adjustable dumbbells. Some plates use a lever that slides over the plates ensuring the plates are secure underneath with plastic clasp. Others adjust weight using the machine pins while others use dials that are turned like middle school combination lock while selecting your desired resistance.

Adjustable Weight Plates

These plates are the same as cast iron plates; however, they have an extra layer of rubber coating for safety, longevity and protection. The rubber coating, therefore, helps the weight plate and the floor to a given degree and ensures the plates last longer with harder wearing. The plates have a section coated with urethane that is similar to the shape and dimension of the rubber plates however they are much durable and not susceptible to damage .

Steps of Adjusting Dumbbells Plate

  • After removing the adjustable dumbbell from its protective case, inspect its products and packaging in case there may be any damages.
  • Push the dumbbell down slightly on the assembly handle to ensure it is fully seated in the base. Rotate the adjustment knobs in several rotations to make sure it freely turns in all directions. It essential to ensure each weight increment has a click of the adjustment plate. The click is necessary while locating the alignment to select the desired weight increment.
  • Weight increments usually range from 5 to 52 Kgs on all the adjustment knobs. Therefore for you to accurately select the desired weight, you need to rotate the adjustment knobs until you reach the desired weight, that is it should be aligned with the arrow that is located outside edge of the dumbbell.
  • Once you have confirmed the proper rotational function of the adjustment knob, turn the adjustment so that the number is aligned with the arrow of the dumbbell.
  • Once both the changes are set, pull the handle straight from the dumbbell. The process removes the handle from the base and leaves all weight plates standing in the bottom. The handle represents the initial weight with all adjustment knobs set to 5 lbs. pull the handle straight from the dumbbell to remove the dumbbell from the base and leave the weight plates standing in the bottom. The handle without plates represents the starting weight of 5 lbs
  • To increase the selected weight, rotate each adjusted knob in a clockwise direction
  •   The weights plates and dumbbell handles are symmetrical; the handle is inserted with the end user when you have selected a similar weight number at both sides of the dumbbell.
  • When removing or returning the dumbbell to or from the base, it is essential you use the vertical motion that is perpendicular to the bottom. It is applicable, however, to neither tilt the dumbbell nor move it parallel to the base until it is clear of the selected weight plates.


The most important this with the dumbbells is that they offer workouts because it is the primary function of the dumbbell. Therefore it is necessary that you be happy to find out that you find out you can do many exercises with the dumbbells because of its high adjustability. Dumbbells incline curls, triceps kickback bench press and many more are among the exercise that requires dumbbell plate adjustments.

The only problem is that you may find difficulties for some days before you can get used to different weight designs. However, once you get used to the varying weight designs and using the features, you will love the exercises.

Another best way to get to know more about the dumbbell weight plates is taking a look at the reviews from people who have used them. With the availability of the adjustable dumbbells on the gym and household, you have no excuse to exercise with weights that fits you. Adjustable dumbbells are durable since they are here to stay for the long run.

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